EARTH SEASONED: #Gap Year movingly demonstrates the social, emotional and intellectual educational power of hands-on, developmentally appropriate and meaningful ‘learning-by-doing’ experience.

Dr. Diane Levin

Professor of Education, Wheelock College, Author, Beyond Remote-Controlled Childhood: Teaching Young Children in the Media Age

This film holds lessons for all of us. A great addition to courses in psychology, environmental studies, women’s studies, outdoor recreation, and disciplines in which instructors wish to challenge their students to reflect on what it means to be fully alive.

Dr. Britain Scott

Professor of Psychology, University of St. Thomas

Earth Seasoned is about human community and community with nature as the healing ground for resilience…This film is for everyone who seeks healing by finding their place in life’s larger patterns of interdependence.

Louise Chawla

Professor Emerita, Program in Environmental Design, Faculty Affiliate, Community Engagement, Design and Research Center, University of Colorado Boulder

This was a terrific video to show the connections of special needs students and the benefits of the outdoor and experiential learning. It demonstrated the positives of teens taking a time out in nature and unplugging devices in order to live in the present.

Dr. Carrie Jones

High School Division Director, National Science Teachers Association, Science teacher, Middle Creek High School

Artistic and unobtrusive … In telling the story of these caretakers, the film innocently critiques the speed, isolation, and efficiency of modern life. For, as the film’s central figure, Tori, comes to recognize, it is through slowing down, committing to meaningful relationships, and living in harmony with the natural world, that one can discover the true self, and ultimately find gratitude, and love.

Paul Stonehouse

Associate Professor & Program Director, Adventure Education, Green Mountain College

Earth Seasoned is simply wonderful. Heartwarming, educational, and inspirational, it reminds us of not only the importance of nature, but how necessary it is for us and especially, our children, to reconnect with who we truly are, beings of nature. Earth Seasoned is a must see for all educators, healthcare practitioners, parents … and perhaps everyone else.

Dr. Eva Selhub

Resiliency expert, physician, and consultant, Author, Your Brain on Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness, and Vitality

I love how Earth Seasoned weaves together the powerful threads of gender, coming-of-age, and the extraordinary, under-told lessons of the power of nature. This is a tender, magical and important tale for our times.

Florence Williams

Award-winning author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative

Tori’s story is every person’s story. ‘Earth Seasoned…#GapYear’ shows how full presence in the natural world can help young people, and people of all ages, discover not only the gift of nature, but the special gifts we can give in return, to our fellow human beings and to all the creatures on this earth. This is a deeply moving, brightly illuminating and extraordinarily hopeful film.

Richard Louv

Author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

This film is a vivid example of how healing nature is and the critical role it plays in the social and emotional learning of children. Beautifully done, congratulations on an amazing film.

Leesa Carter

Executive Director of Captain Planet Foundation

Earth Seasoned…#GapYear reveals an important truth: that focused time in nature provides us with an inner reset button to connect with our true selves, and this reset benefits all facets of our lives. Watching five women go through four seasons on the mountain illustrates the interdependence we have with each other and the natural world.

Beverly D’Angelo

Actress & Singer

Earth Seasoned has essential messages for educators, parents and policy-makers about talent, compassion, community and the real conditions for human flourishing.

Sir Kenneth Robinson

Author, Speaker & Educationalist