Florence Williams

I love how Earth Seasoned weaves together the powerful threads of gender, coming-of-age, and the extraordinary, under-told lessons of the power of nature. This is a tender, magical and important tale for our times.

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Richard Louv

Tori’s story is every person’s story. ‘Earth Seasoned…#GapYear’ shows how full presence in the natural world can help young people, and people of all ages, discover not only the gift of nature, but the special gifts we can give in return, to our fellow human beings and

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Leesa Carter

This film is a vivid example of how healing nature is and the critical role it plays in the social and emotional learning of children. Beautifully done, congratulations on an amazing film.

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Beverly D’Angelo

Earth Seasoned…#GapYear reveals an important truth: that focused time in nature provides us with an inner reset button to connect with our true selves, and this reset benefits all facets of our lives. Watching five women go through four seasons on the mountain illustrates the interdependence we

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Sir Kenneth Robinson

Earth Seasoned has essential messages for educators, parents and policy-makers about talent, compassion, community and the real conditions for human flourishing.

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Matt Ross

There’s great beauty and poetry in the film. I think the program is fantastic and important. There’s an intense sense of positivity, something which is profound…the content is moving and beautiful.

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